How to search logs in graylog

Graylog supports a wide variety of widgets which allow you to quickly visualize data from your logs. A widget is either a Message Table or an Aggregation. This section intends to give you some information to better understand each widget type, and how they can help you to see relevant details from the many logs you receive.

A widget can be freely placed inside a query. A widget can be edited or duplicated by clicking on the chevron on the right side in the head of the widget. You can also open the section directly by clicking on the plus sign. The goal of an aggregation is to reduce the number of data points in a meaningful way to get an answer from them. Data points can be numeric field types in a message e. Or string values which can be used for grouping the aggregation e. The data points of a field will be aggregated to the grouping.

Do More With your Log Data

If the field is a timestamp for a row it will divide the data points into intervals. Otherwise the aggregation will take by default up to 15 elements of the selected field and apply the selected METRICS function to the data points. The column action will give the average loading time for a page per action for every 5 minutes.

To display the result of an aggregation it is often easier to compare lots of result values graphically. The World Map needs geographical points in the form of latitude,longitude. The order of the result values can be configured here. Visualizations like the Area Chart and Line Chart support different interpolation types. The available interpolation types are LinearStep-after and Spline. Each event will be displayed as an entry on the time axis.

The Message Table displays the messages and their fields. The Message Table can be configured to show the message fields and the actual message. The actual message is rendered in a blue font, below the fields.Get the latest tutorials on SysAdmin and open source topics. Write for DigitalOcean You get paid, we donate to tech non-profits. DigitalOcean Meetups Find and meet other developers in your city.

Become an author. Graylog is a powerful open-source log management platform. It aggregates and extracts important data from server logs, which are often sent using the Syslog protocol. It also allows you to search and visualize the logs in a web interface. We need to modify the Elasticsearch configuration file so that the cluster name matches the one set in the Graylog configuration file. You may set it to whatever you wish, but make sure you update the Graylog configuration file to reflect that change.

Since we modified the configuration file, we have to restart the service for the changes to take effect. First, download the package file containing the Graylog repository configuration. Visit the Graylog download page to find the current version number. Next, install the repository configuration from the. Now that the repository configuration has been updated, we have to fetch the new list of packages.

Execute this command:. We have to configure it before it will start. Now that we have Elasticsearch configured and Graylog installed, we need to change a few settings in the default Graylog configuration file before we can use it.

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Graylog uses this value to secure the stored user passwords. We will use a randomly-generated character value. Generate the password and place it in the Graylog configuration file.

How to Use Graylog for Software Monitoring

Execute this command to create the secret and store it in the file:. For more information on using sedsee this DigitalOcean sed tutorial. This is an SHA hash of your desired password. Execute this command, but replace password below with your desired default administrator password:.

Note: There is a leading space in the command, which prevents your password from being stored as plain text in your Bash history. Now, we need to make a couple more changes to the configuration file. Open the Graylog configuration file with your editor:. This can be an IP address or a fully-qualified domain name.

Since we changed the configuration file, we have to restart or start the graylog-server service. The restart command will start the server even if it is currently stopped. Make sure you installed Java when you installed Elasticsearch, and that you changed all of the values in Step 3. Then attept to restart the Graylog service again.

If you have configured a firewall with ufwadd a firewall exception for TCP port so you can access the web interface:. You may have to wait up to five minutes after restarting graylog-server before the web interface starts.Comment 1. As every software system "talks" in logs, there a need to constantly manage and regularly examine them. What complicates the process is that the logs are often scattered across multiple servers, and, as the data volume grows, management of the logs becomes more and more time-consuming.

To address these challenges in my software company, we opted for Graylogan open-source solution for log management.

how to search logs in graylog

We usually have it paired up with Grafanaan open-source dashboard for data visualization. These two tools allow us to keep an eye on performance and technical state of the software we develop.

Graylog is a powerful platform that allows for easy log management of both structured and unstructured data along with debugging applications. Graylog has a main server, which receives data from its clients installed on different servers, and a web interface, which visualizes the data and allows to work with logs aggregated by the main server.

We use Graylog primarily as the stash for the logs of the web applications we build. However, it is also effective when working with raw strings i. It also allows advanced custom search in the logs using structured queries. In other words, when integrated properly with a web app, Graylog helps engineers to analyze the system behavior on almost per code line basis. The main advantage of Graylog is that it provides a perfect single instance of log collection for the whole system. This comes in handy if the system infrastructure is large and complex.

It could be distributed around multiple places, and not all team members could have immediate access to all its components. With Graylog, we tackle these issues and ensure our incident response time is rapid. At Logicifywe use Graylog both for the applications under development and the ones already released publicly. In both cases, some modes of Graylog application are unique, while some intersect.

In non-production environments, Graylog is primarily used as logs depot.

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It stores structured logs of the applications, so it is easy to navigate in them and find any information a developer could be interested in, be it the time-stamp or duration of a web-request, exception or error stack trace. This gives developers an efficient mechanism to understand the context of any error. When this context is combined with QA reports, it is easy to replicate the issue locally and fix the bug. In software products that are already released for public use, Graylog is also applied for log storage.

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However, unlike the case with apps under development, in released apps, these logs are used primarily for the purposes of maintenance and incident response. These notifications could be sent to a predefined list of emails every time an issue occurs. Support managers immediately learn what happened from the system itself and react proactively, even in case users do not report the issues. Dev people, in turn, could debug the application and fix it ad-hoc. Graylog is instrumental for business decisions regarding specific features in a software product.

The tool collects custom analytics on user behavior in the system and visualizes the data in the form of pie charts, time bar graphs, and other graphics. For instance, one could measure the average response time of an application's components, or determine the time interval when the maximum amount of orders was placed on your eCommerce platform. Based on the data received, product stakeholders could make the decisions on further scaling the application, adding or removing some pieces of functionality.

We use Graylog as a collateral tool for data visualization as Grafana is more sophisticated in this regard.

how to search logs in graylog

There are a few advantages of Graylog we have noticed so far, and these are what make the tool perfectly fit into our workflow and delivery. Though both solutions are pretty similar in terms of features set, there are a few differences to consider.Apps, servers, routers, devices. With Graylog brings everything together to eliminate multiple tools collecting the same logs, unnecessary access to production systems, and the workload of ensuring teams only see the data they should.

Being able to identify and respond to what is happening within your systems, what resources need attention, and what is causing a slowdown or outage is invaluable. Using Graylog to seamlessly collect, aggregate, and analyze log data and metrics, is key for establishing and maintaining flexible and comprehensive application and network monitoring strategies for solving problems fast.

Your logs serve as a star witness to the events occurring across your enterprise. Graylog provides sophisticated alerting capabilities to notify you of critical events without drowning you in noise so you can analyze potential suspects, identify the root of the problems, and fix them fast before they impact your customers.

Filter your alerts to focus on the legitimate issues. Graylog provides a comprehensive log management platform so you can find it, search it, and analyze it to reduce downtime, improve performance, and make your operation more efficient.

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Group logs by type, data source, department, geography, or even fields within the logs to set different storage andarchiving policies, access controls, and search groups. Faster results mean faster resolution, which is essential to keeping your business up and running. Take advantage of multiple input parameters and workflow for a more productive and easy workflow that empowers junior analysts and Level 1 tech support personnel.

Spot an anomaly in a dashboard? Simply click down arrow next to the datapoint and initiate a simple query, a complex search workflow, or several other options. Contact Support. Graylog Enterprise for IT operations Deliver and maintain services, applications, and technologies vital to running a business. Maximum flexibility in data organization Group logs by type, data source, department, geography, or even fields within the logs to set different storage andarchiving policies, access controls, and search groups.

Learn More Graylog Enterprise. Features in-depth. Contact sales.Best of all, you can easily save and share Search Workflows to ensure consistency, save time and empower more junior team members.

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To keep your search results lightening fast, be sure to set up pipelines and streams correctly so you can easily limit your search to only relevant data. From there you can build your Search Workflow by adding one or more extended searches and specifying the type s of input parameter s an analyst should initiate the search with.

For repetitive tasks, save and share your search workflow for later reuse. Just like dashboards, you can drill-down into the charts produced by your search workflow and even turn the results into a dashboard with just a click or two. Tracking authentications across multiple platforms is a natural fit for Views as you can filter multiple streams with the userid. Network operations teams will be able to easily leverage Views for tracking user or workstation movements.

Need to investigate wireless DHCP usage? Need to audit AD? You can use a View that pivots around group membership and group creation.

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Views support multiple parameters, so building tabs that cover both Users and Groups would follow nicely. Search workflows, on the other hand, are meant for retrieving specific data around a particular incident.

While the structure of the workflow may remain the same for many tasks, the starting input and resulting output will change each time. They can also be used for one-time research needs without cluttering up your Graylog console, but should you identify something that needs regular review it is just a click or two to turn a search workflow into a dashboard.

Unlimited, but we recommend keeping it to between one and 3. Yes, the search workflow will continue to work, but depending on the streams that the user has access to, some of the widgets and fields might not be populated. You never know where an investigation might lead. Simply click on the relevant data in your search results to send it as an input parameter to another workflow. Contact Support. Graylog Enterprise, Graylog Security. Examples Tracking authentications across multiple platforms is a natural fit for Views as you can filter multiple streams with the userid.

How many parameters can you set? Yes, you can save and export the results from a single running of the search workflow if needed. Will a Search Workflow work if the user is allowed access to only some of the Streams used by it? Can you send data in one workflow as a parameter to another workflow?

Learn more Read the documentation. Get Graylog Contact Sales.This setup is a huge consumer of disk space. The higher disk pricing is eating part of the savings on instances. You get what you pay for. Our current logs require GB of space per day. This time because debug logs and postgre performance logs were both turned on in production. One team was tracking an Heisenbug while another team felt like doing some performance analysis.

These unexpected events made two things clear. First, Graylog proved to be reliable and scalable during trial by fire. Second, log volumes are unpredictable and highly variable. A volume-based licensing is a highway to hell, we are so glad to not have had to put up with it. The amount of sensitive information and private user data available in logs make them the ultimate candidate for not being outsourced, at all, ever.

250 GB/day of logs with Graylog: Lessons Learned

Note : We may to be legally forbidden to send our logs data to a third party. Even thought that would take a lawyer to confirm or deny it for sure. Logs allow to dive into what happened millisecond by millisecond.

We NEED the logs to debug issues and keep the site running. Logs give an overview of the activity and the traffic. For instance, where are most frontend requests coming from? For instance, everyone knows that an HTTP status code is an integer.

Well, not for nginx.

how to search logs in graylog

Searching nginx logs is tricky and statistics are failing with NaN errors Not a Number. Elasticsearch itself has weak typing. It tries to detect field types automatically with variable success i. In the end, the poor input data can break simple searches.Development, cloud deployment, config and change management, performance optimization, security, compliance, troubleshooting… track all custom application activity through logs across the DevOps toolset, the entire application stack network, OS, Application with data visualization from all sources.

Reduce off-hour escalations by empowering Level I and Level II customer support reps with controlled access to log data and pre-built search workflows so they can diagnose issues in minutes without escalation. The faster the better when you need to figure out the root cause of outages, slow-downs, buggy behavior, or failed updates. Easy query building, lightning-fast results, and all your data in one place provide the speed you need.

Graylog can handle logging everything—up to petabytes of data—with no truncating, summarizing, or stripping of messages.

JSON, text files. No problem. In just a few seconds you can find the session, then quickly pivot to the supporting data to find out what happened right before and after. You can even grab free plugins created by our amazing community from the Graylog Marketplace or write your own adaptations. Graylog is a self-serve tool for DevOps personnel—no need to rely on IT to install, configure, or maintain.

Even better, by collecting all the logs into Graylog where you can sort, search, enrich, and analyze the data, you are making the Security and Compliance teams happy by staying out of the production environment. Contact Support. Graylog Enterprise for DevOps Created by a developer for developers, Graylog is the fastest centralized log collection and analysis tool for your app stack. Learn More Graylog Enterprise. Features in-depth. Contact sales.

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